At Last This Ghastly Day is Over

At Last This Ghastly Day is Over

So mum took me out for dinner and some shopping because we got bored sitting at home. It was really nice… until I nearly killed myself due to my dinner choice (congee at Takashimaya really isn’t that nice… and they put these weird ass peanuts on top! They didn’t *look* like peanuts so you can’t blame me for not recognising them…) So yeah, we took them out… I ate a bit of the congee, it tasted pretty ick and then my lips started tingling (for anyone that doesn’t know about anaphylactic shock- that’s not a good sign), so I stopped eating that and got some naan instead. πŸ˜›

The night was peppered with sightings of sickly sweet couples holding hands, the ladies holding bunches of flowers and or balloons in their other dainty palms. I don’t think I’ll ever go shopping on Valentines ever again, I swear I’ve never noticed all the mini-bouquets before… Ugh

So when we got home I decided, you know what? I really feel like watching “Across the Universe” (because I didn’t the other night), and so I watched half of it by myself before mum came in and told me I needed to go to bed.

At which point, naturally, I sat down to write this post to you all before I go to bed… well, try to go to bed… I think the guilt of the lack of work might keep me up until I decide to be productive. Mind you I was up really late last night (3:30am…) and so I’m more than a bit tired now. Hmm. Who knows.

Tomorrow night is Chinese New Year celebrations with my friends then time to HIT DA CLUBS! RAISE DA ROOF! UN-TZ UN-TZ UN-TZ and all that… hahaha. Really excited, it’s been so long since I’ve danced!

Night all! πŸ˜€



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