Procrastinating on a ‘Supernatural’ Level

Procrastinating on a 'Supernatural' Level

So this girlie right here has been bitching at me for about two years now to watch “Supernatural”… today, I relented.

Yes. One episode is all it took… the second one only sealed the deal. I am officially fucked for exams. Sam (Jared Padalecki) is beautiful. His voice **MELTS**. As for Dean (Jensen Ackles), meh he’s alright, got lovely eyes… but Sam is my faaaaaaaaaaaaaavourite. Even when I was only watching the gifs on Tumblr, he was still my favourite. So yeah.

She tells me there are NINE SEASONS OUT ALREADY.



I am going to do my CAS Reflection now so I don’t feel like I’ve been so wholly unproductive today… I wish I could find it in me to finish the damn Philosophy IA. Seriously. It’s like it has a reflective forcefield around it. This morning I sat down to it and got through a couple of paragraphs. I genuinely thought I’d get shit done… I’ve clearly overestimated myself.

We’ve got to get a cab soon so we’re not late to dinner (on the other side of freaking Singapore…………). I’m looking forwards to it though, it should be nice, the menu looks good 🙂

Okay. CAS. I can do this. Byeee!



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