Party ‘Til Dawn!


So last night I went clubbing, woo! It’s been so long! There’s something strange about finally being “of age”… handing over an I.D. that is legit (hey, don’t judge me! It’s the culture I grow up in!).

Before clubbing I went to a friend’s Chinese New Year/ Belated Birthday dinner thing. It was really lovely and the food was good! She appeared to have had a good time, I know we all did!

After that I headed to Chimmercharlie’s house to prep for the night out. Hum de dum…. what next…


OH YEAH! We went to a shots bar- very popular here- called ‘Chuppitos’. It’s a must do for every adult tourist in Singapore that wants to experience the nightlife!


I had a shot (look at me go! Hahah! I don’t do shots… the last time I had one was………….. oh dear… a year ago? Two years ago?), I wish I could remember which one it was because it was really nice. I’d know it if I saw the menu but I couldn’t find a decent picture of the menu online. But yeah, ‘Chuppitos’ is a great evening-starter!


We were out to celebrate another friend’s 18th birthday, so when she showed up we bought her a “blowjob”- her face was priceless. I’ve never seen anything like it in all my life, I swear it has got to be a new shot because my friends do a lot of shots and I’ve never seen it before!

The birthday girl had shown up late and in the mean time the table next to us had ordered this “blowjob” shot and it’s basically a shot with a penis/dildo/straw thing  that you have to drink it through (with whip cream on top, mind you!). It was hilarious! We knew the second we saw it that we had to get it for our friend. She was a bit late, by the time she arrived at ‘Chuppitos’ some of the whip cream had started to melt down the sides…. it was so cringey!!!!


The “Blowjob” (Not the birthday girl in the photo- obviously :P)

It took a while to convince her to take it, but she did eventually- met with many cheers from onlookers. It was such a great start to the night! 😀

Then we went to queue for the club (Attica, supposedly the best in Clarke Quay, I don’t mind it, the dance floors are a bit small though…), the queue looked longer than it was but none of us knew which queue we were meant to join (one’s for guest-list only, the other is for anyone walking in off the street). Half-way to the door and convinced we were in the right line (although it turns out we weren’t, whoops, haha), this tall local guy asks us if we’re on a list, we say no, he offers to put us on his list! I was floored! Of course we said yes! Who would say no to free entry?! Haha, so we all got through, thanked the guy, swapped numbers for future reference, and the night began!


Attica is this hole-in-the-wall of a place. If you didn’t know it was there, you’d walk right past it… in the daytime at least. At night it’s a bustling centre for adults. It’s known for being relatively strict on I.D. so generally people prefer it because they know with some certainty that there won’t be 15-16 year olds running around the place causing drama.


Daytime Attica


Nighttime Attica

So yeah, the night started really great. We didn’t spot many/any hot guys, which was a shame (but nonetheless a burden we could live with- it’s not like spotting hot guys is a regular thing around here :P).

When one of my girlfriends and I were dancing on a podium though, I did spot a guy with potential. He was wearing a blue and white striped shirt, but what really stood out to me was his teeny, tiny, silver cuff on his upper ear. I’m not one for piercings, really I’m not, but for some reason this particular ear cuff was gorgeous– and he had a face to match. (He reminded me of a mini-pirate! Don’t tell me that pirates can’t be sexy 😉 hurhurhur…)

After a while we got down from the podium and just danced in a circle of friends, but I kept catching him looking- shows you just how many times I was snatching a glimpse of him, haha- and thought I might have a shot.

Yeah… until this busty brunette chick steps in out of nowhere and thrusts her tongue so far down his throat I thought they’d both suffocate… *Sigh* Story of my life. I don’t seem to be very lucky with guys… oh well. Haha, plenty more fish in the sea! 🙂

After that we didn’t really see anyone else, we just danced until about 1:30am before we decided to pack up and go home. Early night, really, but it felt right.

When we got back (I slept over at Chimmercharlie’s) we watched the last half of “Across the Universe” before pretty much passing out when it finished at 3:30am.

So yeah, exciting stuff. It was a really fun night and I get the feeling that’s the last time I’ll be clubbing for the next 3 months 😛

Back at school studying now. The life of an IB kid, no such thing as stopping or having a break from study to just do nothing. Every opportunity that I have to “relax”, I go out and enjoy myself- like last night- instead of sleeping early or just doing nothing and being pleased with that.

Post to you all later! 🙂

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