Yet Another Late Night… Oops

Yet Another Late Night... Oops

So my sister thought that tonight (at 11pm…) would be a great night to watch “Sixteen Candles” for the first time ever. Invariably I cried and developed a massive crush on the (now 52 year old) leading male- Michael Schoeffling. Hey, if you’ve seen the movie, can you blame me? Haha!

Anyway, tomorrow is the last day to get ALL my work done. Fuck. I hate being so totally unmotivated. I suck at IB. The exams are less than 3 months away and I’m sitting around doing fuck all and it’s like there’s nothing I can do about it- what sucks is I am the ONLY person who can do ANYTHING about it… *facedesk*

Oh well. 24 hours is enough time for any IB kid to get their shit together. Heck, my level 7 IOC presentation/ exam was pulled together mostly last minute (same as every other piece of coursework I’ve ever done for the evil IBO…).


Three months and I’m a free woman.

Free, I tell you. FREE!

I just need to knuckle down and actually FINISH something…

I’m shattered. It’s 1:23am, as cool as it is, it also means I’m barely going to get a good night sleep tonight…

Maybe clubbing on Friday night wasn’t the bestest idea… Meh, it’s done and can’t be undone, I just gotta do my best with what I have left.

Night! 🙂



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