So, So Close…

So, So Close...

It’s 5:50am. My helper just walked in and asked why I was a awake- to which I replied that I’d “woken up early”. Ha.



I wish.

My typing has become slightly impaired. Of dear. You guys have no idea how difficult it is to write this post with correct spelling. It’s taking far too long to write.


I have to cut 9 MORE FREAKING WORDS. 9! JUST 9 MORE!

Omfg… I’m not gonna be sleeping at all… An all nighter. God help me. IBFML.

I’m trembling, it’s so cold in my room right now. Not quite arctic, but close enough to make me wanna give up. Still don’t feel sleepy yet. I’ll probably die at school. I just know the lights will be too bright. I really hope I don’t have to do an experiment in Chemistry tomorrow morning. I just want her to leave us alone to work on our Chemistry design IAs. Why do I get the feeling that won’t happen?



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