Why, Philosophy, Why?

Why, Philosophy, Why?

It’s 4:51am. I just finished the editing of my damn essay.

Guess what.

It’s 264 words over the limit. No joke. Where am I going to find an entire paragraph to delete from this? I’ve done all the normal things (“it is” = “it’s” and “free will” = “freewill”). WHAT DO!


I have to email this to my teacher in what….. 2 hours? I seriously doubt I’m going to bed tonight… our helper gets up in 10 minutes. FML. I haven’t gone to bed. I have a full day tomorrow (all 6 periods AND a lunchtime surprise, hurhurhur- I’ll let you all know after it happens just in case any younger kids at my school stumble across this :P)…

Ugh. I’m an idiot. Why do I work so well under this kind of pressure?

At least I don’t feel sleepy-tired. I am tired, don’t get me wrong, but my eyes are closing, I’m not dozing and I’m hardly procrastinating! YAY! My eyes hurt like a bitch though, which is only to be expected I suppose. Meh, I’ll just sleep ’til 6pm tomorrow after school (school ends at 4pm… and starts at 7:45am. *cries*) before my parents pick me up. I don’t do anything in that time anyway, a nap will do me good! 😀

Anyway- off to cut a paragraph! Wish me luck! 😀

PS- I think my eyes might scare people tomorrow. *Sigh*



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