Monday’s Nearly Over!

Monday's Nearly Over!

So I’m back in Chinese! Yay! I’ve rested for like… 5 minutes. Total. This entire day. I look like a zombie- my eyes…. eeeesh :S

Anyway, at lunch my year group did our very own “Harlem Shake” in the library, soooooo funny. I should look like a royal idiot, if not, I’ve clearly done something wrong 😛

So yeah, I’m doing my Chinese work for now, then soon it’s Philosophy, then I CAN NAP!! 😀

I’m so excited to sleep! You have no idea! Haha!

Stuff due in tomorrow……… humm…. there is stuff…

Ok- my final, final edits for the Philo IA, first draft of the Chem IA and… frex it, I can’t be bothered to remember the rest of it. OH- TOK, that’s due Friday. Those are my big pieces for this week (Y)



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