Oh Dear Goodness

Oh Dear Goodness

I actually scared myself when I looked in the mirror a second ago. These photos don’t do it justice- THE COLOUR OF THE BAGS UNDER MY EYES!

HOLY BEJESUS!! I LOOK LIKE I’VE BEEN PUNCHED! They are an angry purple/yellow colour. Sooo gross.

Since finishing school a whole shit ton of work has been dumped on me- I hadn’t been anticipating it. It’s now 1:20am. Fuck my life. I am going to DIE at school!


I handed in CAS, Philosophy and World Lit by today! That’s a good deal of work done!

Only to be told I needed to do FINAL FINAL edits on the Philosophy, an extra essay for Lit (I’m guessing handwritten), Chemistry Mock Review (somehow she DIDN’T receive that -.- oh, and to top it off, the original file has gone missing so I’ve had to do it AGAIN) and 3 semi-big pieces of Chinese.

I have finished and emailed in my Philosophy. I have finished and emailed in my Chemistry. What’s left? Chinese and Lit. The big bits. They don’t even count for fuck all!


If I don’t do them… it’s parents/teacher on Wednesday evening. I’d rather kill myself than let my parents go to that. It’s going to be bad. I just know it. It’ll be all my mock results, which my parents know, that’s not the bad bit. The bad bit will be when we get home and my parents rip me to shreds as they invariably do every year. The worst part? I probably actually deserve it this year (for once…).

Fuck Lit. Fuck Chinese.

I have no idea how I’m going to get out of the Lit piece (skip it? Say I’m sick?)… but I can do my Chinese in Bio… Yeah. I’ll do that. I need to sleep. If I don’t, I might flip shit and kill everyone at the school tomorrow with my bare hands OR I’ll throw myself over the railings and into the carpark (a la Javert in his soliloquy) OR, the most likely option, I’ll pass out. I swear, if I don’t go to bed RIGHT NOW I will spend most of tomorrow in tears, I can just tell.

So yeah. IB. Fuck you. I’m going to bed. Hopefully I don’t sleep through my alarm clock and get in trouble for making everyone late to school.

PS- I just remembered… I have the Sports Council Assembly first thing on Wednesday and I have done NOTHING to organise for it. It’s going to be so shit because there IS NO COUNCIL and we haven’t had a meeting since LAST YEAR. SHOOT ME.



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