Queen Of DONE

Queen Of DONE

So I’ve handed in my Philosophy IA (and slipped in a cheeky ‘Happy Belated Birthday’ in while I was at it- we’re throwing her a party tomorrow lunchtime), she was so chilled and happy and YAY!

Then I printed in and handed in my final CAS Reflection. He told me I’ll go far in life and that if I ever needed a job he’d hire me in an instant. He told me my contributions to CAS in my school (the 20/20 project in particular) has been spectacular and that he wants a soft copy of all my Reflections (grrr) so that he can put them up on boards.

I shared a polite mini-conversation with nearly all the headteam teachers. I think I’m back in with my HoY (one of the men I hate more than IB, if it’s even possible). You should have SEEN me bantering away with all those adults like the prim little good girl that I am.

I feel like the star of one of those corny coming-of-age movies (Sandy, pre-badass transformation). You know, the annoyingly good girl that is friends with everyone in the school and does fun favours for the teachers? Yeah. The one who people just wish will get hit by a bus? Yup, yup, yup. Haha… I don’t even know if I’m laughing because I semi want it to happen or not.

Right now I’m leaning more towards not wanting to get hit by a bus… my mind might change later today though. Y’know. When the sleep-deprivation hits and I want to die in a hole. Right now I seem to be surfing on some kind of reserve energy store. I’m not sleepy. I’m probably jinxing it, but right now I’m FULLY OPERATIONAL DOCTOR *salutes*

Anyway. Chinese. Write later! đŸ˜€

It’s amazing that I haven’t collapsed yet… on



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