The Life and Times of a Badass

The Life and Times of a Badass

So I think I’ve officially lost my skiving virginity. This is me skipping a class ALL BY MYSELF! The chick next to me (lovely as pie), she does A Levels and had a free anyway.

So how’d my first ever solo mission go?

Pretty good! I hid in the toilets for most of the past hour and played tetris just to make sure no-one would catch me (Y)

Then I spent rest of the free time “hiding” out the back of the library. In short- I’ve accomplished nothing besides hide from Mr. Asshole. Mission complete.

Now I have ‘6 of 1’ and I’m really hoping Mr. Asshole doesn’t appear because I told my Philosophy teacher I’d gone to the nurse- there’s no reason for me to now be in the library…


My parents wouldn’t recognise the student I’ve become… haha

Oh well! No pink slips! No being shouted at by the teachers! No feeling shitty for not doing the work! I am free and clear until tomorrow!! 😀

Ok- I better go now! Bye! 🙂



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