First In

First In

Well this makes for a strange change up! I’m the first into school (out of my group of friends!)

As far as I know, none of them will be showing up until 12ish-1pm. Which is when I have tuition. FML. So I’m alone ’til then (which means hardcore work until I have to leave)!

I have to finish off a hypothesis on one Chem IA and nearly an entire DCP/CE on the other. I’m pretty worried about the latter IA. I can’t do calculations to save my life and there’s no-one here I can ask for help… I’ll give it a go, of course, but I get stuck on what the hell I know and don’t know and what I’m looking for. Argh, I hate titrations! D:

I feel really strange today (a subdued strange, not the strange where I make everyone laugh from bizarre behaviour… I feel… melancholy? Is that it? I’m not sure… I just don’t feel like I fit in my skin. But that’s not quite it. Gawd, I hate being a girl -.-)



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