So Tired… How Much Longer Can I Keep This Up?

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I’m exhausted. It’s all my fault, I know that. I take full responsibility for it and all, I know all my friends are really pushing me to do what I need to do…

There’s something like 7 weeks left now until exams. I’m fucking terrified (if you’ll excuse my French)…

Speaking of French… I just watched ‘Les Mis’ (from ‘The Waltz of Treachery’ until very, very nearly the end- my sister’s laptop ran out of battery just before “Confessions” could properly start) again, this time with my mum and sister- singing all the words and bawling my heart out.

I’m debating whether or not to tell this little story to you all… it’s about my current near-dying experience. As I speak, I have no clue if I’ll make it to school tomorrow………. I’ll stink come morning and it’ll be because I’m either dead or stinked out by what has just occurred…

You’ll all judge me for this I’m sure. It’s like the time I was making rocky road brownies (YONKS AGO- at least 2 years ago….) and I had put the marshmallows on top a little late and so they weren’t melting right… I had the genius idea, rather than put the brownies back in the oven and risk over-cooking them, I’ll apply heat from above! I’ll put some tin foil in the microwave because then the metal will heat up, which I’ll then place on top of the brownies so the marshmallows melt! Genius! Right? I know!


I nearly exploded the microwave. There was green lightning and all that shit happening up in that thing. I was soooooo scared! I’m such an idiot for completely forgetting such a simple concept… Anyway, I worked up the courage to grab a pair of rubber tongs and jab the microwave open and pull the still cold foil out of the damn thing. I was convinced I’d broken the back light… (thankfully it survived, but goodness that was so tense!)

Yeah. I’m not the greatest with my ideas.

Well… on Friday I brought a thermos of Milo to school (because I’d just pulled my second all-nighter of the week)… About two cups in I decided it was a bit gross tasting for some reason, so I put it in my school locker (which is- thankfully- indoors and away from windows) to take home with me that night… only I forgot to take it home. I forgot about it all weekend.

Yesterday I saw the thermos and was like- eh, I’ll grab it tomorrow.

It’s “tomorrow”…

I took it home today and left it in my bag until about half an hour ago. Thought it might be a good idea to rinse it out before I put it in the sink tomorrow morning after breakfast.

Sweet. Holy. Jaysus.

I really am worried about the toxic concentrations in my room right now… First I pulled the “cup” part of the thermos off and was affronted by this icky smell, I thought nothing more of it. Then I loosened the lid a little and BANG (the noise was like a gunshot), the lid shot off the thermos and the scariest looking white fumes erupted from the deep hell within this damn thermos. I gagged. It was like someone had been in my bathroom for a week with terrible diarrhoea and vomiting. The smell was putrid, rancid, imagine the worst thing ever and multiply it. The smell was… IS… vile!!!

So these white fumes dissipate as I tip out the grossness that once was Milo… the milk is discoloured and there are all these really soft solid clumps… imagine something like goat’s cheese, coming out with the liquid. The smell… I just can’t get over the fucking smell… it’s so terrible. It’s like Satan farted in my bathroom. I washed all the solid bits down the sink, my bathroom is now a no-go-zone.

Need I mention how terrified I am of the fumes? Have you ever tried googling milk? Do any of you know that MILK DOESN’T HAVE A FREAKING FORMULA EQUATION! Being a Chem/Bio student I thought I’d be able to diagnose the problem myself! You know, check the chemicals that might form, an explanation for the horrid smell and if I’m in danger of accidentally killing myself. It’s impossible. There is no formula for milk and the only information out there is near impossible to decipher… all I know is that there are fats and lipids and proteins etc… that doesn’t help WHATSOEVER!

I washed out the thermos with my nice smelling soap… at least the thermos doesn’t stink…

I’m getting paranoid that there’s a milk version of carbon monoxide and that I’ll go to sleep and just not wake up as a result of the fucking fumes. I don’t know how everyone ignored the sound of the ‘pop’, it was quite loud!

Ugh! So yeah… tomorrow and the next day and so on… if I don’t blog… you’ll know I’ll have died.

Let my death be in the name of science! If my time comes then at least people will become aware of the horrors of 5 day old milk in a thermos…

There are absolutely NO GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS that relate even vaguely to my current dilemma. I can’t honestly be the only person in the world that this has happened to? Surely science would have investigated the potential fumes that can be created by milk? SURELY??

So yeah, that’s all my news. Please don’t judge me too harshly. I am an idiot after all. This probably ranks as one of my all time stupidest moments EVER.

I really hope I don’t die in my sleep… but if I do then an upshot would be that I don’t have to hand in my IAs or TOK redraft! 😀
(^Yay for silver linings!)


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