Today’s Drama

Today's Drama

So I had a lovely encounter with the fuckwit… I mean, my chemistry teacher. I’ve handed one IA in, just putting finishing touches on the second one.

Decided that I should probably see if I can talk to my TOK teacher about my TOK Essay being ~61 words over the limit… yeah… it’s terrible. Eeek. I need to fix it. So I went to find her and turns out she’s currently in a meeting, not ANY meeting, she’s in a freaking MODERATION MEETING! SHIT!

So I haven’t seen her. I need to. I have to fix the damn word count, I already have a great excuse lined up… and she’s not there. Kill me. I think I might die.

So yeah. I’ve not had any lessons so far today… I have only got 3 lessons until the end of the day (only half a normal school day)! Yay!

Maths, Chinese and Philosophy. I have homework due in for all three. Haven’t done any of it but I shouldn’t get into too much trouble so meh šŸ˜›

Back to the damn Chemistry IA.



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