Biology Blues

Biology Blues

Not taking anything in today… he’s actually trying to teach and I’m barely functioning.

Thankfully, the smell from last night mysteriously vanished this morning! I don’t know if I smell though…

Anyway, think I might skip Chinese because I haven’t done the work, nor have I brought it in… I don’t think… and I really can’t be bothered to be a disappointment to her today.


My Biology teacher can’t shed any light on my milk dilemma. My blood could have been slowly poisoned last night and NO-ONE WILL KNOW UNTIL I COLLAPSE o.O

Eh. I’m probably fine 😛

Today is so busy though…. I can’t be bothered to do half of it. Honestly. Life’s too short.


Biology, Chinese, Sports Meeting, Philosophy, EngLit, 6 of 1, Chemistry, Philosophy… ELLIE GOULDING! 😀

But still, everything up until Ellie Goulding is going to kill me (seeing as the milk fumes haven’t)… I’ll be lucky to make it to see Wednesday. I just want to curl up and listen to Disney music.



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