Post-Goulding Fangirling!






This woman is unreal. She is AMAZING! I don’t think I’ve ever been to a better performance. She didn’t drop a note, she didn’t fumble, she was sweet and funny and humble about everything. Ellie Goulding is by far one of the best performers ever- if you ever get the chance to see her live then GO YOU FOOL!

I don’t know how she did it! I’ve been to a few concerts and sure they were fun and had great show value (bread and circuses style, not really about the content, but more the packaging). Not our Ellie girl. Nope, the stage was simple, the lighting was more or less straight forward. Her voice shone. Seriously. Unbelievable. I know all her songs by heart and when she sang them… *pants*

She is a crazy good singer. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HER! I have a video from after the concert (she did an autograph session- I already have her CD and am flat broke so I couldn’t buy her CD again in order to be allowed to queue… oh well). She made us wait 50 minutes, but it was worth it when she came out! She hugged the people she signed for… holy crap I can’t even imagine what that must have been like! 😀

So yeah, I’ll try and put the video up at some point (read: don’t count on it, haha).

Ellie Goulding is a goddess on stage. So beautiful. Her voice is flawless and every song she sang probably could have been put onto an album- that’s how good it was. It was almost like she was recording for a live CD. *Sigh*

So yeah, I got home about an hour ago… and selfie-d like crazy. Again. Whoops. Oh well, here are some of them. It’s been a while since I last did this, haha!




I apologise for being so vain (haha), but HEY! It’s my blog! 😀

I have some stuff to do for tomorrow, but I’m quite tired and I can’t decide if I want to stay up and do it now, then sleep at school… or just do it tomorrow. I have to wake up early tomorrow for the damn Sports Assembly… Hmmm. Well I guess if I stay up you’ll know… if I sleep then- NIGHT ALL! 😀


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