Sports Assembly

Sports Assembly

So I gave my assembly this morning- all 2 or 3 minutes of it (woohoo). The head of P.E. is a bit of a dick… he shouldn’t have the job he has (you only have to meet him once to know that), but whatever, that’s generally the case with most people in my school. *Rolls Eyes*

So let me give you a little history about me and public speaking. I’m quite decent at it. I’ve given dozens of speeches in the past. I got the finals of a public speaking competition (runner up isn’t winner, but it’s not bad! Haha).

So I kinda know what I’m doing when I speak in front of a crowd- but still the head of P.E. decided I needed a pep talk before the assembly started… it was sweet, but annoying (seeing as he can’t give a speech anyway). He told me to stare at the backboard on the other end of the hall… really? Really? No. Eye contact, fluid movement in the neck, move around minimally if necessary to help engage people. Not stand rigidly and stare at a spot above all their heads.

Haha. Oh well. Biology is nearly over. I don’t know if I have Chemistry… I guess I’ll find out soon. I hope we don’t, then I only have 3 lessons today and I can finish work/ sleep (had to get up early and so far I only have a teensy headache but I can tell there’s going to be hell to pay when my eyes start acting up. That should happen soon…)

AND I might be able to watch 3 episodes of ‘Supernatural’ later! Yay! 😀



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