Philosophy Headaches

Philosophy Headaches

Eeeesh, so we’re doing essay plans in philosophy. Not any essay plans, essay plans with a twist. We have to make them into powerpoints. Shoot me.

My essay plan question: “Critically Evaluate Atheism as a Philosophical Perspective”

It seems nice enough, but my head is killing me. I’m putting far too much into the essay (too many concepts) and so that’ll be another headache to cut back on. Ugh, whatever.

I can’t stop listening to “Give Me Love” (Ed Sheeran), hence the last post’s title (if you didn’t pick up on that, haha).

I have cut 30 words out of my TOK essay. Need to cut another 30. My eyesight has gone to shit. FML. Everything is blurry (in the distance), I might need to up my glasses prescription…

I have to go and see my TOK teacher at lunchtime about the essay…. I told her I’d email her the edited version on Monday night…. I didn’t. I have all of Bio to finish the edits and tell her I “sent” it on Monday… Ugh. Oh IB…



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