To Distract Myself…

Just an update on Prom and other upcoming dress up days in my school!

So the Japanese prom dress idea fell through, unfortunately… or fortunately if you consider what my new prom dress idea is! I have a truly remarkable prom date, he really is awesome. How many girls are lucky enough to go to their Graduation Prom with a guy who is willing to DRESS UP AS PRINCE CHARMING so that you can can go as CINDERELLA!!!!

YES! It’s true! It’s all true! The prom plans have changed and I’m going to prom as Cinderella! You may remember the blue dress I described finding last month or so…? The Trash Couture one? It’s beautiful… I could potentially get that made at a tailor’s (if I don’t get the legit Cinderella movie dress made for myself!)



I’m so excited. My mum and sister want to kill me though, hurhurhur. My sister is convinced I’m going to make a fool of myself, frankly I don’t care what my fellow students say. I’m going to Graduate as a DISNEY PRINCESS!! 😀

There are two other upcoming dress up days: Book Day and Muck-Up Day.

Book Day is a day where we come in dresses as book characters, this year’s theme is “Mystery” so I’m going to do something easy and come in as a Stepford Wife:


The other one, Muck-Up Day, is a hallowed event at our school. The teachers (*cough cough* Barlinator *cough cough*) are trying to ruin it for us, but we still get to dress up, even if they are restricting the number of pranks we can do…

It’s a hard decision, what you wear to Muck-Up Day. It’s the last day we are at the school as students and not as exam victims… It’s also the last chance to dress up at school. I don’t want to go as a cliche, or something that someone else is going to wear… that would be awkward.

Originally I was planning to come in as Misa (Death Note- I cosplayed her last year!)… but I can’t now because I wore the black Misa dress to the Christmas Party last term. So I’ve been wracking my brains until, this lunchtime, one of my genius friends offered me a suggestion…

PRINCESS PEACH! It’s perfect! Whenever I play Mario I always play Peach (even though I 1) have no idea how to play and 2) she’s pretty useless). I AM GOING TO DRESS UP AS PRINCESS PEACH FOR MUCK-UP DAY! WOOO! I’m so happy! 😀




So yeah! That’s what I’ve accomplished today! Now I have another Chinese Mock Oral, followed swiftly by a Philosophy Mock Past Paper… Ethics. Joy. Oh well! I’m trying to stay optimistic! 🙂


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