Rah Rah Rah

Rah Rah Rah

I have exactly 2 hours until my Chinese Oral Exam…..

Jeepers. Naturally, I’m not going to my first two lessons.

WHAT TO DO! I’m just going to hide in the library and revise.

I did a bit of the maths homework last night so I’ll go to Maths… and English (despite *still* not doing the homework for that…. meh, I’ll do it tonight).

I’m still freaking out because I can’t find my Philosophy Folder (it can’t be lost, it simply CAN NOT BE LOST).

Furthermore, I am in a bit of a pickle… I’m supposed to have a Classics Rehearsal 4-5pm. Apparently I have an appointment somewhere at 5pm, which means I have to leave school at 4:30pm. I have no idea how to tell them I’m going to be missing half the session (it’s the first one as well!! ***SIGH***)

Oh well, I think we have another one either tomorrow or Friday. Hmph.



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