Staples <3


This is my best friend Staples (left) and Jimmy, my second best friend (middle). I think that Staples is the nicest friend ANYBODY COULD HAVE, she’s my math buddy, hammock buddy, Mt Kinabalu buddy, aeroplane buddy, badminton buddy, after-school buddy…. man we’re just buddys!

On a serious note though I think that I have so many memories with all my friends in school, and I’m seriously gonna miss them. xoxo gossip girl/ goat


Okay… the above was all written by Staples pretending to me, hurhurhur

PS- “gossip goat” is a local legend/ school prank gone WAYY too far. It happened about December of Year 12 (over a year ago now- I’m in Year 13). Basically, this website “Gossip Goat”, was set up and all these rumours were spread on them. It got shut down pretty quickly, then set up again- it happened about 5-6 times that day, each time the rumours got nastier (we all think that there were copycats by the end of the day as the rumours were targeted at younger and younger yeargroups). No-one really knows who the “goat” was, but we all have our suspicions as to who it was, but it was never officially announced. As far as we know, the “goat” was never caught. It’s quite an insult at our school to call someone a “gossip goat” now, it’s a big accusation… but it’s a joke when you use it within friends. JUST SOME CONTEXT FOR Y’ALL!! 😛


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