Finished. Done. Over.

Finished. Done. Over.

That’s it. TOK is officially uploaded on the IBO website. I’d be lying if I said I was anything less than FUCKING TERRIFIED. I really don’t feel confident that what I handed in is worth a ‘B’… but that might also be attributed to the fact that my TOK teacher never really inspired me with good faith.

But fuck it. It’s over. It’s done and handed in and I can’t touch it anymore.

What can I touch? The last draft I handed in. What you see in this picture? Yeah. It’s now tattered and in pieces all over this desk.

I now have to work my freaking arse off to get my exam grades. Nothing I’ve handed in has given me any sense of pride or accomplishment (as it’s supposedly meant to…). I hate the fucking IB. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

And the cafe doesn’t have ribena today. I am very unimpressed. (My drug-like dependence on Ribena is actually quite worrying.)

I want to scream right now and let out all my frustration, but I can’t just yet because I need to revise for my Chemistry test that is in……. less than half an hour. Ugh. Then it’s choir with a group of people who can’t read sheet music, much less actually fucking sing.

JUST HANG IN THERE UNTIL 2pm! JUST KEEP GOING FOR A LITTLE BIT LONGER! I can’t believe it’s still freaking “am” right now. Fuck this shit. -.-



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