IB, Therefore I IA

IB, Therefore I IA

Yes, it is a Saturday morning. Yes, I am in school.

Oh, the humanity!

Yeah, well, whatever. As many of you know, coming into school on the weekends isn’t something new for me (I live at school……. pretty much). But today I ain’t going to the usual Maths classroom to work with my normal crowd. Nope. I’m in Chemistry. Doing extra Chemistry IAs. Yeah. Ugh. Screw this! I have to do an *entire* IA before I can leave… and I need to leave by about 4pm at the latest…

No clue what I’m wearing to this dress up party later… Eeesh.

These IAs will be the end of me. I also have to do other work… but I’m guessing that will all end up happening tomorrow.

Last night I had Wangster sleep over (the above is Nataree, not Wangster :P) and we watched Eddie Izzard and “The Emperor’s New Groove”! (Well, I fell asleep about 20 minutes into “New Groove”- I know… I’m sub-human. Hhaha, I was really excited to watch it again too! Haven’t seen it in over 5 years! *Sigh* I’m useless, hahahaha!)

Oh well. Chemistry IAs… here we go.



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  1. chimmercharlie
    Mar 09, 2013 @ 03:46:26



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