Take Me Away From This Place

Take Me Away From This Place

I am not looking forwards to tomorrow. This weekend flew right past and I have hardly anything done. I am so sick of myself and of IB and of most of my teachers. I had a bit of a sob fest with mum earlier because I’m in a really shitty mood today (re-read… well *tried* to re-read… my EE essay… I read the abstract and page 1 before I felt tears coming because I noticed so many grammatical errors that I hadn’t noticed and my TEACHER HADN’T BEEN FUCKED TO TELL ME ABOUT… *screams*)… so yeah. I’ve been in a really fucked up awful mood for most of the day. I don’t even want to SEE Mr. Asshole tomorrow, seriously, he’s in very real danger of being destroyed.

Anyway, I tried to tell mum the short version, I just wanted her to say “whatta dick”… but no, we wound up talking for ages about how it relates to how I need to improve my life and blah blah blah (no bad feelings towards mum afterwards… which is a first).

I just can’t stand how fucked over I have been by my school.

Anyway, I have a few more pieces to finish before I go in… I’m really tempted to fake sick and not go in (but I *really* should go in…), but at this rate I’m not sure how much “sick” I’ll be faking. I can feel my immune system failing and I know there’s a bug going around… At any rate, I certainly LOOK the part of “too sick to live” right now.

Can’t these exams be over already? Fuck. The next 2 months cannot be over soon enough (but I want the next 52 days to stretch out so I can revise like hell…)

Bye for now guyses…..



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