Monday Morning Grumbles

Monday Morning Grumbles

So I look like I’ve been crying…. but I’m not red. I knew this would happen. Ugh. I’m just tired, but I didn’t go to bed late last night either! Why is my face malfunctioning?

So far today has been uneventful. I’m in Chinese… she’s asked for all the papers in, but I haven’t finished ALL of them… so I’ll give them in tomorrow (with any luck :/).

I have Chemistry next and I REALLY don’t want to go to it, but I have no choice… I need to learn my last Chemistry Option and my tutor won’t teach it to me because it’s the Biology Option.

The teachers at my school did their very own “Harlem Shake” to advertise for ‘Book Week’ (yay!). At the end of the week we do another Mufti Day, but we have to come in as a Book Character- I’m going as a Stepford Wife OR Misa (from ‘Death Note’). Depends on how much I want to piss off the teachers… (and how much effort I want to put in on the morning) we’ll see.

The day gets a smidgen better after Chemistry. I have a free and then we have an Awards Ceremony instead of Maths! After that…. Chinese again and then Philosophy. I’m finishing my Philosophy homework in my free period. Hopefully I’ll get stuff done today.

I don’t know if I want to be in school right now or not. Right now I feel fine, but I know how fast that can flip 180 in the other direction.

Food is as unappealing- that’s how I know something is seriously wrong 😛

I am a huge foodie. Constantly either hungry, eating or thinking about my next chance to eat. Right now? Food? Ew. I’d rather poke it with a stick than eat it… which is a problem when my (really bad!) eating habits are pushing me to be hungry right now. You guys know that feeling right? Hungry but don’t want to eat? Goodness, it’s one of the worst feelings. Rejection, meh, I’m used to that, but how do you get used to rejecting food? Exactly. You can’t.

So many teachers here that I can’t stand. I’m dreading English… I don’t know how I’ll react to him. I want to give him a piece of my mind, but I don’t want to lose my shit. The second I start talking to him about anything, I’m pretty sure I’ll start crying and then he won’t take me seriously (he wouldn’t anyway, but that’s not the point).

Can’t wait to just leave already. There are very few people here I’d miss… and even fewer teachers.



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