Laptop Apocalypse

Laptop Apocalypse

So I was happily working away last night before my dad came home. When he did I went to greet him and ended up spending some quality time with the family (…for about an hour). Anyway, when I came back up to continue working, it crashed.

Not immediately… but about half an hour into working (and by “working” I mean organising the Phuket Graduation Trip on Facebook), my FULLY CHARGED LAPTOP went bye-bye.

Naturally I stayed calm for about 5 minutes until I realised that nothing was happening… then I freaked the hell out (I texted Chimmercharlie for about 20 minutes straight, I sent her a text that was 4 messages long in which I quote to her an adapted version of “Javert’s Suicide” from “Les Mis”). There was nothing I could do- couldn’t talk to the parents as I was supposed to be in bed, I don’t know anything about computers so I couldn’t fix it myself, and finally I didn’t have a computer to google how to fix computers!

I think it was the final straw on my stress and mind and body because I feel really ill… not contagious ill, just *sick* ugh…

My knight in shining armour came in the form of my Tutor buddy, the girl who sits next to me for registration plugged her charger in instead of mine… I was convinced nothing would happen.. but whaddayaknow! Here is my laptop, up and running again!

I’m pretty sure I’ll need to go and buy ANOTHER new charger. Damn.


Still feel very dodgy though… I was going to go home in second period (my parents said to just call…), but now I think I’ll just skip P2 and do Philosophy homework instead. After that I’ll go to Philosophy (P3) and even English (somehow I’ll make it through…), then choir. As for Chemistry, as it’s a self-taught thing, I’m not going to go. Then my final lesson is Philosophy. Worst comes to worst, I go home after lunch.

I don’t often get sick… but when I do… good lordy. I refuse to acknowledge that I’m falling ill though.



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