BRB- Dying on the Inside

BRB- Dying on the Inside

I went to bed at 4am-ish. For some reason I thought I’d gone to bed at 3:30am… then I realised, oh wait, no I only GOT 3 hours of sleep. Suddenly this tiredness makes a lot more sense.

I have two lessons today… with the two teachers I hate most. English and Chemistry. Joys of my life. The only lights of my being.

Jaysus. I need to finish the CE part of the Chemistry IA. My problem with numbers went from bad to worse last night.

So I had the god awful ratios… then I tried to do my Absolute Percentage Uncertainties. Oh. My. Sweet. Jesus.

At first I kept getting:
A%U for MgO(x)= -100%
A%U for MgSO(4)-xH(2)O= -600%

-600% !!!!!!!!!!!! HOW THE HELL CAN SOMETHING BE “-600%” WRONG!!!! :O


So then I realised I’d been putting the numbers in the wrong way around and managed to get rid of the negative sign (huge relief… even if I couldn’t change the actual values…)

I don’t even know what to do anymore… I still haven’t written my Classics Speech. Ag.

What else… we had a totally pointless assembly (again). I tried on my Graduation Gown!!!!! 😀

It has a nice weight to it. It falls just longer than the knees and the arms are long and poofey and to the elbows. What else… it’s blue (a nice one) and we’re not getting hats 😦

So yeah. I have English in 15 minutes. Ew. Need to finish this IA. So. Close!



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