Yet Another All-Nighter


So Sunday has been mega strange! I spent a chill day at school with Chimmercharlie, but got very little actually done. (OFFICIALLY HANDED IN MY LAST CHEMISTRY IA! Yeah, she finally noticed that she in fact hadn’t printed it out, hahaha!) Then the parents both got home from their respective countries and decided to go out for dinner as a family, which was nice.

I was shit scared about telling them what I’d done over the weekend. I didn’t know what my sister had told them already… I told them Pheebster stayed over on Friday night and they seemed fine with that, but they flipped shit when I told them I’d gone out for dinner on Saturday night. Naturally, upon hearing their reactions, I put my jumper on despite the heat and made for the nearest bathroom (so as to scrub the “Le Noir” stamp off my arm before they noticed).

They said I should have been home before my sister had gotten home because I was the guardian… if only they knew… haha. But my sister was strangely quiet so I think they might have had a go at her. When we got home I headed straight for my helper’s room and begged her not to tell mum and dad that I’d come home at 3:30am, she kept laughing at me but in the end she agreed. I’m so lucky to have Chimmercharlie, I had her on clean up duty from the second I got in the car after dinner, photos were taken down and everyone was warned to keep their traps shut about my involvement in anything more than dinner on Saturday.

So yeah.

The photo is the list of work I need to get in by tomorrow. I’ve finished three Chemistry test papers so far and don’t know whether to tackle the English first or finish the Classics speech… or whether I should take down the beast that is Philosophy…

Ughhh, my procrastination…

MIND YOU! I’m not sleepy at all right now. My eyes don’t hurt, I’m not hungry, I don’t have a headache. It’s strange, I’m completely vamped up for work right now. But that might also have a little something to do with a certain someone I’ve rediscovered from my past.

When I was 4-turning-5 years old-ish, I started at this school I’m at now. My first ever best friend was a guy… I won’t say his name because I have literally only been talking to him for the last 4 hours (haven’t spoken to him in over 12 years…).

Last time I knew him we looked like this:


We were in the same class originally, but that changed and everything changed and then he left and we completely lost touch (because there was no Facebook in 2000 and no way that two 5 year olds would be “friending” on it). So for 12 years this guy was a mystery to me. A part of me, the young me, really missed him and so the longing to find him again never really disappeared. I suppose you could call it puppy love, I count him as my very first crush (yes, I’ve been hopeless romantic from the very damn beginning).

For ages I thought about trying to track him down, but the problem was I only knew his first name. In all the notebooks I’ve ever kept (even in the DIARY I used to write in), he’s only ever referred to in the first name. On the lists of crushes that I’ve documented, his name is the only one without a last name.

So I was struck with this sudden urge to find him again at about midnight. This time? I succeeded. I really should become a Missing Persons Detective because I keep finding people that I really probably shouldn’t… maybe it’s just my inner stalker…

Anyway. I really hope I remember to never show him this blog… haha. I FOUND HIM! At first I was tentative in case it wasn’t him and I was emailing this total stranger. He had a massive impact on my life (well why else would he still be such a strong memory for me?) and so I wanted to know how he was doing. We have been talking for the last 4 and a half hours straight.

No joke.

I’m pulling an all-nighter to get this work done (I’m going to look shit at the Symposium tonight *sigh*), but it’s just SO NICE to be talking to him again! We have some common interests and some not. It’s so awesome and strange at the same time. Part of me, a really big part of me, seriously wants to become good friends with him again… I don’t know if it’ll happen, but I know I want it to. Who knows?

He seems really, really nice so far. I just don’t want to get my hopes up too far. Maybe if I visit my friends in the UK… maybe I’ll be able to catch up with him too? I don’t know… I’m thinking way too far ahead, but it’s such a lovely image I have painted in my head!!!

Anyway, I need to get back to work. I need to “wake up” in an hour and a half or so…


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