One of Those Days

One of Those Days

I felt really sleepy in first period (Chinese) and fourth period (Maths), but for the rest of the day I’ve been pretty alert. I need to do this damn English essay though… ewwww…

Looking forwards to tonight, at the same time I just want to finish all this damn homework. Seriously. Snowed under. BUT I’ve gotten some stuff in. The Chem is all in, the Philo powerpoint is in (now to do the rest of the essays and stuff…. :/), what else… I don’t know. My brain isn’t functioning amazingly, but I reckon it’ll hold out until about midnight tonight. I’ll try and go to bed early tonight but it really depends on how much I get done tonight.

The Symposium is at 6:30pm and the speech is all done and sorted and lovely. Should be good. As far as time for anything else at all tonight…. yeah… hmmm… not looking so good.

I have to get a Philo timed essay done (or at least DO the damn thing), I have to get all the plans done (because it’s REALLY bugging me that I haven’t done them yet) and I need to get the very last Biology IA done (it’s only a design so it shouldn’t take too long).

OKAY. I’m going to see how much of this English essay I can get done. I have three whole weeks of school (not including this week) left until I do exams/graduate. It’s so freaking weird. Mr. Asshole is wielding negative ISAMS (<– it’s not an awful thing but it REALLY isn’t a good thing if you have a perfect record… like myself) if we don’t get them in today. I have never had a detention nor had a negative ISAMS. There are 3 weeks left. I absolutely REFUSE to tarnish my record this close to it being a spotless 14 years here at this damn school.



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