Just Not My Day

Just Not My Day

And I don’t see it getting any better either…

Mr. Asshole (somehow) has a wife at the school and so I asked her if he was here today and she said yes and she started laughing and saying “oh you’re in so much trouble”. Well fuck. He still hasn’t replied to my email. I saw him right at the end of break, he didn’t look at me and he didn’t try to talk to me, which either means he’s already sent the ISAMS and is waiting to humiliate me in class… or he’s just going to humiliate me in class and make me late for choir at lunch.

Goddamn I don’t understand how he’s gone from liking me to liking to make me feel like shit.

Can someone please explain how with THREE WEEKS BEFORE SCHOOL IS OVER FOREVER he thinks that threatening us with ISAMS will help us? How he thinks it will help reduce stress in the lead up to exams? The exams are in 43 fucking days and I’m sat here freaking out about him tarnishing my PERFECT RECORD.

Have I ever done him harm? Seriously? Have I ever done something so terrible to him that he feels this is necessary?

We’ve already established that HIS method of revision and MY method of revision are VERY DIFFERENT. Furthermore, we ALSO already know that MY WAY WORKS FOR ME.

We established this in early Year 12 for the IOP. We established this AGAIN in early Year 13 with the IOC.

For fuck’s sake… are we HONESTLY going to do this AGAIN with 3 weeks left before I officially finish schooling here at this shithole?

I have 18 SCHOOL DAYS left at this school.

I am falling apart from the stress, I’m having stupid arguments with friends because my mood swings are violent and EXTREME. I know that I can’t do to my parents about this stress because they’ve got stress of their own. We’re moving to Australia in 3 months. I have exams, my dad is doing work stuff and my sister is in a really shitty place (friendship wise), we don’t even have a place to move into yet. My parents are 3 feet under with stress. I feel like I’m 20 feet under… but I can’t burden my parents with it.

I have tried… but it went really badly and of the two evils (telling and not telling), not telling is the lesser. It creates fewer problems because fewer people are involved.

The Symposium last night was the highlight of my week. Monday night was the HIGHLIGHT of my week. I have nothing to look forwards to, nothing to cling to for relief. All I have is a shitty English teacher and a shit Chemistry teacher, enough stress to break the Great Wall of China, homework enough to drown a whale…

I. Do. Not. Need. His. Shit. Right. Now.

Grrrr… if he tries to make me talk about my EE in class today (oh yeah, did I mention? We’re not actually working in class at the moment… we’re taking a moment to *appreciate* work that we’re proud of. He knows he’s fucked me over for my EE, so naturally he wants me to present it to the class. Fuck that, if anything, I’ll give him the one I did last night. BECAUSE IT’S ALREADY FUCKING DONE) then I will stand up and leave. I’ll go up as if to talk about my speech, then race for the door. OR I’ll yell at him. OR I’ll lose my shit. Whatever happens, I’m not going to talk about that godawful piece of shit known as my EE.

I hate him. So much. I think I hate him more than I hate my Chemistry teacher.



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