Pulling Myself Together

Pulling Myself Together

I’ve somehow made it through today. Don’t even know how.

My spirits have lifted somewhat and I’m working on my essay to hand in to Mr. Asshole tomorrow. Still hate his guts, but I’m going to stay calm. For now at least. I love my Philosophy teacher.

I just had to walk into the classroom and she ushered me out and talked it over with me (well… I cried and she comforted and helped me to sort out my head). She even spoke to Mr. Asshole for me- she must have left an impression because the bastard finally replied to my email!

I don’t know what I’d do without her! I seriously doubt I would have made it to Year 13 without her. It makes me sad to know that I’ll be leaving behind some great teachers. There will be at least three women that I can see myself sobbing over leaving. Two of them are also leaving at the end of the year, which means I won’t be able to visit the school and see them. When I graduate, that’s it. Unless they let me add them on Facebook, I won’t ever see them again.


I really hope they let me add them, haha. Not ’til after we graduate though, it’s not proper yet.

So yeah. Back to the essay. I most certainly will be in bed by 1am tonight! Yay! Sleep! 😀

Have to dress nicely tomorrow, I’m getting my photo taken for an expat community magazine (called “Expat Living”). They’re putting my statement about CAS in and so they’ll take my photo tomorrow and ta daaa, I’ll be in a magazine! 😀

It’s an upwards battle to keep my head above water, but I really can’t focus on the shit stuff. I need to stay positive. No matter what happens, no matter what problems I face, I’m still more privileged than ~98% of the world. I need to respect the luxury of my lifestyle and I need to work hard to earn it. The hardships I face- in the grand scheme of things- are only shared by a select few around the world. I should count myself lucky that I’m stressing over teachers trying to give me more homework than I think I can handle. It is an honour to suffer the struggles I face day-to-day. My problems aren’t all consuming.


Taking a step back and looking at the big picture.

It’s humbling and it makes you realise that your problems might not be as bad as they could be. If I ever hit “bottom”, it’ll still be the top of Everest compared to most of the world.

It’s my duty to the population of Earth to face the problems with which I’m faced and make the best of them- to take any situation and make it work for me.

With this in mind (for some reason it’s calmed me down…) I return to my stupid essay 🙂



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