Disney in Chemistry

Disney in Chemistry

So I look a bit better than I did this morning thankfully.

I’m in Chemistry now (it’s nearly finished), which means that I’m almost halfway through my school day right now! 😀

Getting that essay in has really calmed me down.

ALSO there’s good things happening at home. I’m not really going to go into specifics about this one, but basically there were lots of complications about moving to Australia and as of yesterday everything has taken a VERY positive turn for the better.

It is such a huge weight off the family. I’ve been so shitty with people because home has been so stressful (on top of IB) and I know it isn’t fair to them to have to put up with me… but most of them do. Ever since hearing the good news the whole atmosphere at home has improved.

Part of me thinks that either Mr. Asshole didn’t send the ISAMS or my parents haven’t gotten the email OR they’re not going to talk to me about it (with any luck it’s the first one…)

Only Maths and English left to go. I’m tired but I’m not in a bad mood or suffering any headaches or whatnot (well, maybe a little dizzy…).

The home situation should really help with the amount of stress I’m dealing with… now all I have to worry about is learning my IB stuff.

There are 16 days left of school.
There are 42 days left until IB exams.
There are 3 months until I graduate and leave this place in the dust.

The notion is strange, liberating, terrifying, weird, inconceivable, unfathomable, unsettling……. you get the idea.

Right now I’m rocking out to my Disney song collection. I think that I relate most to Rapunzel’s “When Will My Life Begin” at the moment. I just want to start learning about what I love instead of furtively sneaking looks at books and newspaper snippets whenever my face isn’t smashed in IB textbooks and past papers.

Not long now until freedom and I simply can’t wait.

The speech I gave the other night (I’m working on finding the video to upload to you all) has received a lot of praise. I’m so happy I got the chance to do it, I really can’t express just how much I love Ancient Greece. University is going to be amazing and the course I will study will feed my passion for the civilisation, I just know it!

Soon! But not now. I have to do well in the exams. I have to suffer the darkest part of the night before I can reap the rewards and enjoy the beauty of the morning.

Not much left until I can officially say I’m done with my school and done with IB. Oh! The thought gives me flutters! 😀



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