Wouldn’t Ya Know It

Wouldn't Ya Know It

I honestly don’t get Mr. Asshole. REALLY REALLY DON’T GET HIM.

That damn essay I was up until 3am writing last night? Yeah… he said it was my best one yet (I got 20/25), he’s even put it up online for the rest of the class to read as an “exemplary essay”. I wrote at at 3am. I wasn’t even coherent.

He tried reading it out in class and I had to correct him every few words or so because it’s so horribly written.

Maybe I just don’t get IB. If that’s what a good essay is… then I’m at a loss.

Do I take comfort from the fact that high stress and extreme sleep-deprivation makes me write good essays?

Should I be worried? With any luck I *WON’T* be in that state of mind when I go into the exams… but does that mean I will not do as well?


I am so done with IB. -.-



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