Pottering Along

Pottering Along

It’s Thursday. Finally. I feel like my school life is whizzing by. This week hasn’t been fab but WOWZA it’s gone fast. We’re nearly at the weekend again! I don’t understand!!!

Today’s a full and busy day. Ugh. For some reason I feel really tired… probably because I went to bed early for once (and we all know how much of a bad idea THAT is… I was in bed by 12:30am…)

Had my extra Chem session today. I learned a lot and all that stuff I’m supposed to. I got two Philosophy plans in last night. Umm… I don’t really know, my head is a scrambled mess (I called an alkene an aldehyde… don’t even ask what the hell is happening in my brain, it’s just not working), hopefully I’ll start working/ functioning a bit better after break (FOOD!). Yeah. That’s it really… at least that’s all I can think of.

So. Freaking. Dizzy. Right. Now.

41 days until exams (that’s what the countdown-er says). Apparently I’ve been wrong about how many school days left as well. We break up for Easter the week after next so I’ve only got TWO full weeks left here at this school (as opposed to three…).

Safe to say I can feel the build up of terror in my gut. It’s hard to sit comfortably anymore.

Last night I decided to look up the symptoms of stress and oh boy you know it’s bad when you can tick most of the boxes. No kidding.



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