Bad Idea & Late Nights

Bad Idea & Late Nights

So. I might have stayed up until 3:15am with Chimmercharlie last night. Maybe o.O

I feel tired, but not dead. That’s gotta count for something right?

I’m not going to first period Chinese- so that means……. Chemistry 2nd period… she won’t bug me I don’t think, so I technically have 2 morning frees… followed by 3rd period free. Might go to sign off my Biology IAs at break.

Have to finish my Philosophy and my Chinese today… Philosophy has a better chance honestly (only because it’s in English)…

Today marks the start of the official countdown. Four days left this week- we break up on Thursday.

9 days until we break up for study leave.

8 days from today will be my last day as a student here.



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