Decisions, Decisions…

Decisions, Decisions...

Do I ask to miss period 6 Philosophy in order to go to a University Roadshow at school? If I do then I get to talk to Exeter… if I don’t then I have to just google information on the University…

Ugh. I can’t decide. I’m tempted… maybe for just half the lesson? But I haven’t been doing everything perfectly in class and I don’t want her to think I’m cutting or slacking…

ARGH! I want to talk to Exeter… but I’m not sure what I’d say :/

Every University I’ve ever spoken to, unless it’s the actual Classics Department, have no idea about their lesser known courses (like the ones I’m interested in). Then it’d be a total waste of time…

UGH! All of this has been brought on by that horrible girl in my English class… she’s in charge of our Graduation Video and in that we all have to take a photo with our names, university and degrees… and I had no university to put down. It got me thinking/ worrying/ stressing.



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