Monday is Nearly Over

Monday is Nearly Over

Wahey! I went to a grand total of… 3 classes today! Didn’t go to Chinese. I’m in a good mood and everything is pretty great right now (minus my heartthrob over Jared Padalecki and Aaron Tveit and such like…).

I spoke to one of our Uni Counsellors at lunch about Exter and UK Unis in general. She was pretty eh… I mean, she wrote down pretty much every Uni that offered what SHE thought I wanted to do… The Roadshow is outside my Philosophy classroom right now and I’ll be talking to them after class.

I emailed my parents about it and I got a one-liner back from dad… I don’t know whether to be nervous or not. Either way I won’t be starting Uni til 2014- it’ll be whether I apply Australian THIS year and go in March or take a British gap year and apply late next year. Eeesh. It’s a hard decision.

It’s making me nervous- either way it doesn’t matter. I need to do my exams and it was always on the cards to do WELL in those exams. As long as I score about 38 then I have a “get-in-free” card (nearly)… 38 will guarantee consideration at every Uni.

Unless I go BIG and apply to Oxford (I had considered it earlier… it’s not like a huge dream of mine, but I might as well you know? The worst that happens? I don’t get in. Big deal. I never planned to go. Best scenario? I DO get in. Then I get to go to a prestigious Uni. The chances of getting in are slim to none- haha).

Anyway, I need to do a bit of work today… maybe… haha



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