Keeping Calm

Keeping Calm

So as of tonight I have 7 school days left until I leave for study leave. They’re not all even FULL days!


I’m having a lot of Padalecki feels tonight and it’s just not fair. So I watched an episode of “Jeeves and Wooster” with my dad and now I feel a bit better 😛

Going to have another early night because I can’t be bothered to revise for the Chemistry test tomorrow (I am quite sure I’ll regret that decision in the morning…meh).

Uhm. I don’t really know what to do with myself. I just want to lock myself away and watch Supernatural. Or BOF. I just want to be with someone right now. At the same time I want to be alone. It’s tearing me up!! It’s like… I want to be in a 2 year long relationship. Like… I want the dating thing to be out of the way, I just want to be able to sigh happily and know I have a boyfriend or girlfriend of 2 years right now so I can call them or have them come over. Eeeesh.

*Closes eyes and begs the universe*

*Peeks an eye open*

*Both eyes open*


Nope, still single. Arrrghhh. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy single life- most of the time. But right now… it’s getting old fast. I’m tired of it. At the same time I know I’m doing it to myself and I need to suck it up and focus on exams.

I want to be anywhere but here right now. Nearly.

Summary of how I’m feeling right now: ughhhhhhhhhhhh.



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