Run Through

Run Through

I sang LOUD! Well… louder than I usually do! So I’m happy about that. English was a total farce. TOTAL farce. The whole thing was staged from beginning to end- he even did a cringe-worthy “Davis-Dance” (I didn’t even look up, he started talking about how we’d “never see this again” and how he was “embarrassing himself because our points were so good they moved him to dance”. Yeah. I didn’t acknowledge him. At all.)

Ummmm, so yeah. English made me wish the floor would swallow me.

Now I’m in Chemistry and jeeeeeeeez- I’m glad I’m in a good mood because my Chemistry teacher just sat down with me and “had a cosy chat” about how I’m dealing with the BioChem Option so far. Shoot me.

I have to revise for Philosophy now. I reaaaaaaaally don’t want to fail the timed essay. I feel like I’ve been letting her down lately and this is my chance to win back her faith in me as an HL Philosophy student. Haha!

I’m expecting my Biology teacher to burst in at any moment to ask me to sign off my IAs to be sent off to some place in the big, wide world. Scary times.



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