Games and Songs

Games and Songs

So I’ve moved on (a little) from Tetris… my new “addiction” is Solitare. I’ve played it about 4-5 times today and m best time is 5 minutes something. Yup.

I also had the acappella thing today. Two solid hours. Thought I was going to throw myself out a window at some points (it got a bit frustrating), luckily- or unluckily- there were no windows and so I remained in the room until we FINISHED THE WHOLE THING! Yeah! Woohoo! We got the whole thing done from start to end! Well… 3 out of the 4 parts can do it from beginning to end. We were missing one of the sections… oh well. I’m going to try and arrange one 2-3 hour session over the holidays so that we’re ALL up to speed and ready to perform on the 19th.

I also need to re-confirm with my head of year that we’re even performing (which will be fun… seeing as avoid talking or even LOOKING at him. At all costs).

Lunchtime was fun… sorta. We had our Graduation photos, which consisted of a lot of noise, a lot of crowding, a lot of looking up and straining our necks… and a lot of clapping. It was nice though, makes graduation feel THAT much closer.

After that… ugh… we had the Head Team Speeches. Yes. It’s that time of year again. This time last year I was full of hope and joy and nervous anticipation. It’s nearly an official year since I started my rebellion and my proper teenhood. It was hard, at first, to watch all those girls and guys go up and give their speeches as to “why they were the best candidate for Head Girl/Boy”.

It hurt deep down knowing that they probably didn’t realise how corrupt the system was. They probably don’t realise that their speeches don’t mean jackshit. They just have to be tight with the right teachers. That’s how you get on the Head Team. Listening to their speeches reminded me of all the speeches I had drafted in the lead up to last year. All those hours I’d wasted making sure my record was spotless and shiny as gold. So yeah… that was probably the worst/hardest part of my day.

I have to vote by the end of the school day tomorrow. Part of me wants to abstain (but that isn’t fair to the candidates). Another- nastier- part of me wanted to write on the slip “my vote doesn’t matter anyway”, but yet again the school has foiled me- it’s all online for voting. Ugh. Instead I’ll vote for the underdogs. The people that reminded me most of me. I have a pretty good idea who’ll win, regardless of my vote.

Don’t really know what else to do right now… gotta walk up to meet my mum at the nearby mall in a few seconds so byeee! 🙂



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