The Marathon


Didn’t go exactly to plan… I only got through 15 episodes (pretty decent headway!). BUT apparently I’m on the brink of heartbreak. The very next episode (and for the following 5) is supposed to be the first in a string of- for lack of better words- heartbreaking Sam episodes. So I think I’m ok with not watching them yet… I’m going to aim to not watch them until the end of exams. Seeing as exams START in 33 days… yeah, we’ll see how that goes. I have a feeling I’ll be clawing to watch them all tomorrow at school haha.

Went out for dinner, which was lovely. I’m going to miss my friends here. I really hope I’ll be able to go to the UK for Uni, but another part of me is desperately clinging to the desire to go to Australia. I’m choosing between friends and family. If I’m only going based on weather- then Australia. Based on degrees- UK. Based on money- Australia. Friends- UK. Family- Australia. It’s a hard choice. The degree one is the most persuasive, but the money one weighs heavily on my shoulders too.

Ugh. I shouldn’t be thinking about that right now. I’ll wait until I get my grades back and worry about Uni then…

I’m not sure how much sleep I got last night. We went to sleep at some point between 3 and 4am… woke up at some point around 11am and 12pm… I don’t even know. Going out to dinner was weird because I kept thinking about Supernatural and trying to see this world through Sam and Dean’s eyes. There were FAR too many people out tonight- it’s Good Friday so I don’t know what I was expecting 😛

But it’s like… you spend over 15 hours holed away in a single bedroom, not moving from the bed unless you needed to pee, then all of a sudden you’re thrust into a crowded, heaving mall. The lights were funny and I kept bumping into people by accident. I felt soooooo out of it 😛

When I came home my parents had friends over so I sat and chatted with them for an hour or so. They’re really nice, they say I can stay with them in Shang Hai for a bit after I graduate. That or I could go and stay with their eldest son in Barcelona. Both are tempting options, I must say! 😀

Well… that’s all I can think of to say right now. It’s 20 past midnight right now and I’m tired. Every damn time I shut my eyes I see Jared Padalecki… this is unhealthy, haha… ha… hmmm…

Oh well, time to sleep! I’ll blog to you all tomorrow! 🙂


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