Catching Up


Eeeesh. So much to say and so little effort to say it. I’ve just downloaded pretty much every Disney song ever (that’s… over 40 something songs). Yay me! Plus a little of “The Piano Guys” music while I was at it- I love their mash ups!!

Okay… let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start).

I went clubbing on the 6th (yes, I finally got my act together and went), then slept over at Chimmercharlie’s. We went to Marina Bay Sands again, hit up Ku De Ta and Avalon. It really irks me that we still bother with Avalon when we all know it’s shit. Seriously, I’ve been about 3-4 times now and it’s been crap every dang time. The dancefloor is so big that no-one starts dancing until 1am! That is rubbish!!!!! Especially since we have to be home by 2am. At 1am people start to “fill” (in the broadest sense of the word- by this I mean that half the floor is still empty) the dancefloor.

*Rolls eyes*

Anyway, we went, we danced a little (no sweat broken… so I’d hardly call that “dancing”) then went home EARLY because it was so dull out. Yeah. Well- not before Chimmercharlie got a guy’s number (soooo funny, he just gave it to her right as we were about to leave). Umm… so we got back to her place and then watched “Stardust” at my request. SUCH a cute movie! It’s been soooo long since I’ve watched the whole thing start to end. The guy who plays Tristan is soo cute :3

Hmmm… we went to sleep at about 4:20am and then woke up at 10am-ish. After that her dad dropped us to school, where we promptly watched 2 more episodes of Supernatural! Yay! 😀

After that we went home and I went to see “The Croods” with my dad (**purrrrrrr** I love Guy so much. It’s crazy how many feels an animated character can force out of me). Then we went home and watched the second Bourne movie (verrrrrry good!) and to finish the night off we watched a couple of episodes of “Hyperdrive” (a British comedy show with Nick Frost and Miranda Hart).


So yeah! After that we went to bed… exciting stuff, I know, haha.

This morning my sister got home from Australia (mum’s coming back later in the week), dad flies out tonight to see his dad, so I’ll have the house to myself more or less. Dad dropped me into school about an hour or so ago and I’ve done no work so far- I plan to start some more past papers after I post this so yeah. Bye all! 🙂


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