Oh Goodness No! Friday! No!


Just got back from walking the dog around the Botanical Gardens with mum and the sister. Dear. God. I had to wake up BEFORE 7:30! THIS IS NOT OKAY. AT ALL. Grrrrrrrrr. Mum’s home and it’s driving me NUTS. -.-

I fixed the argument we had yesterday morning after I came home from revision (and two episodes of Supernatural). There really isn’t much that cake doesn’t fix. So yeah. Then I watched “Cloud Atlas” again last night (3rd time and I still cried). I think it’s probably the best movie ever made and I adore it. Simply cannot wait to read the book! It’s torturous.

19 days left now. I’m going to revise with Chimmercharlie again in about an hour or two… don’t even know if she’s awake yet. NORMAL people most certainly are NOT. Ughhh. I can feel the headache growing. :/

So yeah, that’s about it. Also——— Canada had a bit of field day yesterday, so just a shout out to Canadians: THANK YOU! 😀



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