Last Everything

Last Everything

Today was Muck Up Day. My last day as a student in my school. Also my last concert in the school. Also my last solo in the school. My last mufti.

I’ve been crying- if you can’t tell haha.

Now I’m going to sleepover at Chimmercharlie’s house (again- I slept there last night in preparation for Muck Up, there WILL be pictures, promise!) and I really hope that tonight will be the first ever time I get drunk.

One FIRST in the face of a thousand FINALS.

Wish me luck! Haha! I can’t believe High School is actually over. All that is left is exams and graduation and I’ve officially officially officially finished school.

I don’t even want to THINK about Uni yet… BUT I am now looking VERY SERIOUSLY at Bristol Uni (alongside Exeter and Warrick and all the Aussie ones).



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