Time For Change


So! I finally did it! I changed my URL.

Figured I wasn’t going to make it to Greece anytime soon- I won’t stop working towards it though. On top of that I feel like too many kids from my school are reading my blog. It’s not that I mind, it’s just frustrating to have to worry about who’ll read what. It’s a bit like what happened with my Wattpad account. I can’t post much on there because I know that people from my school read it and creative writing is nearly as personal as blogging is because it’s your dreams and fantasies that you’re putting out there to be criticized.

Apparently I’m not putting as much “juicy stuff” into my blog as I used to. I don’t want people reading this for “juicy” gossip from my life! Read because you’re interested! Not because you want to know about me and then pretend like you don’t know me in school… I don’t know. I’m in a weird mood right now. Kinda glum really.

I’m pretty sure this URL change will keep people away, even if only for a little bit. If they want to find me bad enough, I’m sure they will find me, no problem. But for now it’ll be quiet on the Singapore side (with any luck).

Exams are 4 days away and I’m stressed as all hell.

I just want to eat ice cream and cry and bury my head in the ground. Or dig a hole and wither away in it. Or just sob over Jared Padalecki’s perfection. Here is the tumblr of Pure Padahump Joy.


I swear to goodness this blog has vaporized my ovaries. I’m a scrambled mess. Mhmm CUT ME A SLICE! Pada-lover right up in hurrrrr. Teehee. This blog is perfection. JARED is perfection. 

Anyway, that’s enough objectification of him for now 😛

Tomorrow has me frazzled. I have so much tuition to fit into one day I might explode.

think I have Maths Tuition from 10am-12pm. I know I have Biology Tuition from 4pm-6pm (that I have to pay for… if mum doesn’t give me the money it’ll have to come out of my Greece Funds. Let’s face it, if I don’t graduate then Greece will only ever be a fantasy). Somewhere in there I have to fit in a Philosophy session- I’m hoping my teacher will come to Starbucks for an hour and go through it with me tomorrow, I really don’t want to have to go into school :/

What else… oh yeah. I have an English Group Revision Session-Slash-Dinner Out thing. Shoot me now. You heard me. An entire dinner with my English class. I have to hang out with people I don’t like OUTSIDE OF A SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT. I have to pretent I actually like my English teacher as a person. *Shudder*

I can act. Not that well.

Mum doesn’t get back until midnight so I’m staying up until she gets here so I can clear this all with her before the shit hits the fan tomorrow morning. There’s so much to sort out.

I can’t tell her so much of what’s happened this weekend either. I came home from Chimmercharlie’s house at 4-5ish today. I slept over at hers last night when I was supposed to have come home and SLEPT AT HOME at 11pm on the Saturday night after Rander’s party. Sooo much stuff I wasn’t meant to do. Talk about being a rebel (read: absolute idiot because FREAKING HELL EXAMS ARE 4 FREAKING DAYS AWAY).


I guess I should really go back and tag all my previous posts. Goodness it’s been a while since I’ve done that… O.o

I’m going to do a final check of the house now. Make sure it’s perfection before mum gets in. Night all!


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