15 Hours To Go

15 Hours To Go

Until our very first IB exam. I AM FREAKING THE FREX OUT!

Seriously don’t know how I plan to cope with these exams. In two short weeks (and two days) all this nightmare will be in the past!

I don’t think “IBFML” has ever been more apt an expression.

I’ve annotated 4-6 poems today. I don’t think I’ve done them well enough to be able to then write a 2 hour follow up essay based on those notes alone. This isn’t good. My heart keeps doing these fluttery things and I don’t like it.

Randers, Chimmercharlie and I got together for a group revision sesh to try and calm our nerves THE FUCK down. Went pretty well I reckon, but with the prospect of having to go home soon looming close… lets just say the nerves are returning.

I’m going to go and look up the poems I just annotated and see if I’m close with my analysis. Fingers crossed I am. Otherwise. Shit.

PS- what the actual hell? I changed my URL so that a whole lotta people from Singapore would stop reading my blog… I don’t understand. I’ve changed it and now all my views are pretty much ONLY Singapore. What the hell? I don’t understand. I wouldn’t have a problem with this, but the thing is I KNOW that most of these views are from school people. There are 2-3 people in the school that I have given my new URL to, I am happy for them to check in on me. I don’t have a problem with that. My problem is with the OTHER kids from my school that check my blog in a purely voyeuristic manner simply to get “juicy gossip” (of which I have NONE- unless you count my menial family dramas as “juicy”, in which case- get a life. Fight with your own family).

UGH. I don’t know. It shouldn’t bother me, but it does. The views that come from fellow school kids… they’re not REAL views. I’m not seeing an accurate representation of my blog’s popularity if all I’m getting is students from my school who aren’t checking out of genuine interest, but because they’re bored.

Whatever. That shouldn’t even be on my mind at the moment. EXAMS. That’s what counts. That’s what is important.

Next time I blog to you all (unless I blog later tonight… doubtful…), I will have ONE LESS EXAM TO DO! The next time I right to you, I will be HALFWAY DONE with IB HL English Literature. I will be one exam closer to freedom.


PPS- Happy May Day?



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