Two Down, Twelve(ish?) To Go!

Two Down, Twelve(ish?) To Go!


I am now done with English Literature FOREVER! (Seeing as I’m not pursuing it at Uni). That’s so weird!

The exam today… was meh. It wasn’t AWFUL, but it could have been better. The question was BEAUTIFUL though! I literally burst out grinning as soon as my eyes skimmed over it. SO GOOD!

How many of you fellow IB-ers did question 3 for HL Lit? The one about contrasting characters and impact? OOOOH! SOOOO GOOOOD!! 😀 😀 😀

The thing I’m worried about is my structure… I wrote 11 pages and had no time to check back on my work to make sure it made sense :S

Ah well… fingers crossed!

It wasn’t bad, it just could have been better… 😛

Ummm… that’s it for news. Had Bio tuition… we were all brain dead though.

I’m supposed to be doing Philosophy now- prepping for Monday. So yeah, I’m going to go and do that now. I am a little worried about the Philosophy papers… I refuse to bow down to nerves now though! Not after I’ve stormed through the English papers.

I felt deadly calm before the exam today. It was so strange. But when they announced the “half an hour left” marker my hand started shaking like crazy. My elbow joint still hurts. Heck, my entire right arm still hurts.

IF ANYONE OUT THERE WANTS 16 DOUBLE SIDED PAGES OF “WARREN” AND “STREETCAR” QUOTES (and one shitty- but well chosen- page of quotes from Williams and Shaw about their plays) PLEASE CONTACT ME! 😀



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