Bumps in the Road

Bumps in the Road

So I had the most beautiful sleep in this morning… only to come down and get yelled at by mum because “tomorrow is mother’s day and you two haven’t bought anything for me I just know it, how could you be so uncaring” (more or less).

So I got my sister and we talked it out. We’d buy her a facial and a card and a Thomas Sabo charm. I figured that my sister would be nice enough to get it because, oh I don’t know… I’m just a LITTLE busy at the moment… just in the middle of a small thing known as IB FREAKING EXAMS?

But noooo… heaven forbid I should expect her to put herself out for anyone but herself. She didn’t want to get out of her pyajamas and thought it would be “too obvious” if she went out and came back after an hour, AS WELL AS the fact she had a basketball game in 3 hours. 3 freaking hours.

Me? Oh I was heading into school anyway, I could go and get it.

Who cares about my HL exam on Monday.

Who cares that I have more things to worry about.

Who cares that I am stressed to the max without mum yelling at me and my sister being an apathetic little fuck.

So yeah.


I give up. I just want to revise and stop freaking out.

Ok- well I hope you guys enjoyed the quotes. Hope it saves you some time and stress when you come to your exams! 🙂



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