Today’s Exams

Today's Exams

Okay so I’m officially a third of the way to finishing exams… I’ve completely finished 2 out of 6 subjects, both highers- which should be a relief… right?

Ugh, wrong.

Today’s exams were always going to be awful. Descartes annoys me and Paper 3- responding to an unseen text- scared the crap out of me. So how’d the papers go? Well Descartes was surprisingly lovely! Except I’m worried I might not have answered the question as well as I could have/ should have… Paper 3, on the other hand, was a disaster.

It took me FAAR too long to understand the text (didn’t help that it was FREAKING MASSIVE!) and then to actually write the essay…. ugh… it just wasn’t good. I’m quite worried about it.

Nearly cried. Didn’t (yay me). Instead I sat under a table to hide from my shame.

Well I sat there until one of the teachers that I’ve always considered to be quite useless came along and asked what was wrong then promptly went on her computer to find the weighting of Paper 3 in the grand scheme of things- only 20%!!!!

I felt much better after that. Sure 20% isn’t nothing, but it’s better than the 40% for Core (Paper 1)!

So yeah. I had bubbletea- I’ve discovered I like the Strawberry one, not the Milo one… with the fruity flavour, the bubbles don’t taste so funny- and subway and a starbucks cookie and bought some stuff from the supermarket. All in all, I’m a fat shit, but at least I’m a HAPPY-because-I-eat-away-all-my-problems fat shit :3

Anyway, I’m at Chimmercharlie’s now to do Bio tuition… possibly the last time I’ll do Bio with a tutor before the exams next week (last time because he has his Uni exams next week, too).

No exams tomorrow, yay! But then I have Maths on Thursday and Friday (and I’ll be finishing Friday off with 2 Chinese papers, joy of joys…).

By the end of this week I’ll be 2 thirds finished! It’s so freaking weird to be DOING IB exams after all this time… but at the same time I can’t wait to be free!

Apparently we get the results back in July… which confused me because I thought we got them back in June (around the time I get back from Ladakh… apparently not :P), but that doesn’t matter. The point is I’ll be in Phuket when the results are out- MY FAMILY WILL BE MOVING TO AUSTRALIA WHEN MY RESULTS COME BACK… which means I either don’t open them or open them by myself OR over skype with them… none of those options are appealing, but I really have no other choice…


It’s all dark and rainy outside. Pathetic fallacy. Oh well… I’m not that upset… just a bit drained.

And my thumb is completely numb. Completely. I hope I don’t do permanent damage to the nerves… that would suck 😛

Yeah… that’s all from me.

Maths Non-Calc on Thursday at 1pm. Ew. *Sigh*

‘Til tomorrow my friends! 🙂



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