Maths Exam Revision


I am dying.

At the beginning of the day I was naive enough to think I could get 4 papers done today (2 non-calc, 2 calc)… I’ve been working on this one paper for about 2 hours now…

I hate this. I really thought I would be better than this. FML.

I have tuition tonight and want to be able to give him some pretty much finished papers so that he won’t look at me like I’m an idiot…

It’s so pitiful, I want to weep.

I have the weighting for all my exam papers as well, so I can comfort myself a little with that.


I’m so done with all this IB shit.

BUT the good news is this- AFTER FRIDAY I (technically) NEVER HAVE TO DO MATHS AGAIN!!! At least, not in the “maths exams/test” sorta ways… I’ll be doing maths in science I guess, but that’s still not MATHS maths. YAY!

In other good news- I might not have screwed up Paper 3 (Philo) as bad as I thought I did!!!! I spoke to my Philosophy teacher earlier and she said it sounds like what I said was alright, she thinks my answer was better than I think it was… ughhh grammar, that sentence can’t be right… I’m going to assume you know what I meant.

Back to the damn papers if I have any hope of handing him ANY papers tonight. Ugh.


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