Nice Touch to a Not-So-Nice Day

Well before our exam today we did a Bubble Tea run. Probably the most teas bought by one person from that little outlet ever. We bought 9 teas. That might not sound like a lot… but as far as bubble tea goes, that’s a lot.


After we gathered our bubble teas and came back to school we held a “Prayer Circle”


Over the last week we’ve held about 200 of these 😛

I hope to whatever is out there that they work! Haha!

Maths Paper 2 tomorrow. Then 2 more papers- Chinese reading and writing. Ew.

But then that’s 2 more subjects DONE!! Completely FINISHED!

Then I’ll just have to focus on finishing my sciences. Ughhhhh… it’s so close to finishing but so FAAAAAR. I just want it to be over already… but I want more time to revise and ughhh it’s tough. Lots of exam pressure. No different from any other teen, I know, but I guess the subjective experience is making it easy to say I HATE THIS!!!!


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